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We understand that the three nearest beaches to treize are Chataillon-Plage, Fouras and La Rochelle;

Chataillon-Plage is about 45 minutes drive away and is reputedly the safest beach on the Atlantic coast. With its lovely promenade and wide avenues of beautiful Villas it is rumoured that the numerous tourists have made it a family beach "par excellence". The beach itself is about 3km of golden sand with no breakers and only small waves; and an added bonus is that there are generally life-guards in evidence along the whole of the beach to give that additional peace of mind;

Fouras, a little off the beaten track of the larger tourist haunts is still a pleasant and relatively quiet family resort with long sandy stretches and is arguably the closest beach to treize;

La Rochelle also has a sandy beach behind which are various activities for children including a play-park and bumper cars if you or they get bored of building sandcastles…;

Isle de Re, Isle D'Oleron and Isle d'Aix also have a wide variety of beaches, see " out and about " for further details;

Les Sables D'Olonne seaside resort is within a driveable distance for a longer day trip (it might be best to set off early!) and is built on the sands of what was once an off shore bar, the beach offers over 3km of fine sand and is lined with hotels, cafes and restaurants situated at the foot of a promenade;

Royan has a number of coved beaches of fine sand, many of which are warm and sheltered from the winds; separated from each other by cliffs or dunes;

You can also swim in various swimming lakes around the River Boutonne or in the outdoor pools at Aulnay and Loulay, you may also like to try out the waterslides and selection of pools on offer at the large indoor aqua-park "Atlantys" in nearby St. Jean D'Angely.

Further afield:

For a more invigorating beach trip try the beaches a bit further south; both Hossegor which is the uncontested capital of surf in France and Lacanau are famous for their breakers and hold International surfing competitions every August;

There are also many sheltered beaches and bays around Bordeaux which you could tie-in with a trip to the biggest sand dune in Europe at nearby Archachon!

These are just some of the possibilities to try and we have not visited all of them so are not able to comment personally on them all, you may well discover many others which you prefer!

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